In response to the extraordinary changes we need to make to our daily living due to Coronavirus, Gentle Psychology will be providing online or telephone therapy sessions, otherwise known as telehealth. 

– Hours of operation for online therapy:  Monday – Wednesday 3pm to 8pm.

– Rebates: The government has provided a COVID-19 Medicare rebate of $86.15 (same as face to face sessions). You will be required to get a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, though you may use an existing one. The government has not changed the number of rebated sessions/calendar year – they remain at 10. Workcover and the TAC rebates are also valid for online sessions.

– Fees: The fee charges are $175/session.

– Intake & Consent: You will be sent the online intake form (which also includes the consent form) prior to your first session, as similar to face to face sessions. You must return the form beforehand via email. There is no need to scan or print this document, though you will have to email me the Mental Health Care Plan if your GP does not do this for you.  

– Video Conferencing: The online platform of ‘Whereby’ will be used for online sessions.  You will be sent an email link prior to your first session, and you simply click on it and you will taken to the video conference site. You merely have to give permission for audio and video and you have enabled to connection. ‘Whereby’ has the valued feature where you must ‘knock on my online door’ for entry. This function means that you can’t accidently walk into another’s session or they yours, ensuring confidentiality. Your sessions will be conducted in complete privacy.

– Payments: All payments will be processed via Halaxy, a popular and secure healthcare software management package at the end of session. 

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